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The best reference of all is that over half of my current students are referrals or repeats year on year KS3 > GCSE > A Level > Degree.


This year I can also celebrate helping my first student through three years of study - GCSE, A Level and on to University.


Here are some general quotes from former students and parents (some are teachers themselves):

  • GCSE ....did amazing well achieved an 'A' in maths.....will recommend you to anyone looking for a tutor

  • GCSE ..... got a 'C'.... is so much more confident in tackling anything with numbers now.

  • GCSE ..... got his B in Maths as we had hoped. His best result, many thanks

  • GCSE (Y10) .... got a Grade A ... thank so very much for professional guidance and consistent helpfulness

  • GCSE .... got a 'B'. Thank you ...... achieve this excellent result.

Quotes from students that have relied on me to deliver the course alone:

  • GCSE .... Overall C! I am soooo glad...proof that you made a big difference... never thought I would say that I miss doing maths.

  • A Level (M2) ..... I would never have got through it without you.

  • GRE (MBA entrant USA) .... passed the General Record Exam ... thank you for your tuition.

  • A Level (C1, C2, S1) ..... surprised myself.... you added interest, enthusiasm, and a new dimension...

  • MBA .... could not have got a 'F' never mind a 'B' without your help and patience ... your help is not finished