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About me

As an industry professional, I have been asked on many occasions to mentor colleagues with a view to developing training and career plans. Over the past six years, I have not only extended this tutorship to leading my two young sons through the requirements of the National Curriculum, but have also tutored students struggling at Key Stage 3 to academically gifted 'A' and degree level students.

Having found that I thoroughly enjoy the challenges of this role, I would like to offer this experience to you on a private tuition basis.

Academically, I have mathematical, engineering, economic and finance qualifications recognised by various chartered institutes, including:

  • B.Sc. (Hon.s) in Electronic and Electrical Eng. - Surrey University

  • B.A. (Hon.s) in Mathematics and Business Economics - Open University

  • M.Sc. in Business Management - London City University

  • Certified Diploma in Accounting and Finance - CACA

  • OU Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology (on going)

  • OU Postgraduate Maths Programme (on going)

For your peace of mind, I can offer an Enhanced Disclosure Certificate and I am Council registered.


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