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So you've finally made it, all that hard work has paid off. However, the demands asked of you to complete your degree will be extensive. Could you do with some support to understand the applied maths of your chosen subject or a short term boost during the holidays to catch up or prepare for that 'retake' in Economics or an Engineering subject.

Economics is a highly regarded and challenging academic discipline that is increasingly important in providing insight for decision-making in business and many other areas such as finance, transport, and trade. Typically I can support:

  • Econometrics (Linear/Multiple Regression, OLS, ANOVA)

  • Business Maths (NPV, IRR, Annuities, linear/non-linear functions)

  • Statistics (Probability, hypothesis testing, inference, correlation)

  • Linear Programming (Simplex method, optimisation)

  • Micro and Macro Economics

Engineering is an extensive discipline requiring the application of technical, scientific and mathematical knowledge and used across commerce and industry. I can help with:

  • Differential Calculus (Total, Partial, Lagrange x)

  • Vectors

  • Complex Numbers

  • Differential Equations (Algebraic and Numerical solutions)

  • Linear Algebra

  • Calculus of Variations

  • Electronics and Electrical Engineering



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