Higher English Grade Booster

By David Cockburn

Leckie & Leckie

5 stars out of 5 stars

This compact and easy to follow book provides clear and comprehensive guidance for all aspiring 'Higher English' pupils.

Every aspect of the exam's requirements is covered, from the basics of punctuation and sentence structure, to how best to cope with challenging essay and close reading questions. Were that not enough, the book also provides an illuminating glossary of those grammatical terms which constitute the essence of good writing. There is a wealth of information and help here, brought together by a writer whose knowledge and breadth of experience is evident on every page. An enjoyable problem-solver while preparing for the exam, it also adds much to our appreciation of everything we read.

In its variety and scope the 'Grade Booster' is an aid which truly lives up to its title.

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Publisher:Leckie & Leckie

Review date:

November 2009
Reviewer:Jack Duffy(English tutor in Aberdeen)