Success Guides Standard Grade Chemistry

By Emma Poole, Archie Gibb

Leckie & Leckie

5 stars out of 5 stars

Good points: The best thing about this book is its brilliant use of colour, while the second-best thing is the format. Both are VERY effective. The bright, colourful, colour-coded material makes it easier and more interesting for students to follow and extract what they need, as well as to remember. Clearly identifies Credit sections through both text and colour - handy for both students and tutors to know where the boundaries are at a glance. The Top Tips are very handy, and the bullet points make it easy for students to take in key facts. The graphics are very good - simple and plentiful without being patronising, 'lame' or overkill in quantity. I love the inclusion of a Types of Reaction section but feel it's a feature that is not given enough prominence (blink and you'll miss it). The book could in fact do with more sections like it, because it really is a very good idea. Also, good practice material for calculations at the end.

Criticisms: could do with a glossary, some of the material is not detailed enough (particularly definitions and especially in the absence of a glossary) or is not placed in the best position in the book, and at times the Quick Tests are a bit too brief. Given that it is supposed to help with revision, it could also probably do with some suggested memory aids, and a practice paper at the end would be a bonus. Some sort of chart for students to tick off what they have completed or feel they need more practice on etc - and thus help them keep track of their revision - would also be good.

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Publisher:Leckie & Leckie

Review date:

November 2009
Reviewer:Atia Chalmers(Chemistry tutor in Perth)