Practice Papers for SQA Exams Standard Grade Credit Biology

By John di Mambro

Leckie & Leckie

4 stars out of 5 stars

There are four credit level papers in this book, corresponding closely to the organisation and style of actual papers. The Introduction has some sound advice about how to prepare for and sit the exam. It is followed by a 'Topic Index' which is potentially of great use to students and tutors as it groups the questions by syllabus topic. The questions are very similar to actual papers though some of the illustrations have sacrificed clarity for artistry. The mark schemes at the end of the book give added value by including a short summary of the important features of each question and useful hints about specific parts of the answers.

The book is reasonably priced at £5.99 and would be a useful acquisition for any student looking for more exam practice in addition to the actual papers from previous years. Tutors would find this a helpful source of novel material and the 'Topic Index' would be particularly useful for finding questions relating to particular topics.

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Publisher:Leckie & Leckie

Review date:

November 2009
Reviewer:Douglas MacDonald(Biology tutor in Edinburgh)